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Mixed day for Bangladesh players in Kolkata GM chess

DHAKA, May 20, 2018 (BSS)- GM Ziaur Rahman, FM Sk. Nasir Ahmed and FM Kh. Aminul Islam earned 4 points each after the 6th round games in the 3rd Kolkata International Open Grandmasters Chess tournament now being held at Kolkata, West Bengal in India.

IM Abu Sufian Shakil and FM Syed Mahfuzur Rahman earned 3.5 points each, FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman bagged 3 points, IM Mohammad Minhaz Uddin, CM S M Sharon and CM Sohel Chowdhury secured 2.5 points apiece, FM Mehdi Hasan Parag, CM Chanchal Kumer Ghosh and M Anisuzzaman Jewel earned 2 points each, WIM Rani Hamid, Mukaddesur Rahman Khan and Tahsin Tajwar Zia earned 1.5 points each after 6th round games.

In the 6th round games were held Saturday, GM Zia lost to GM Deep SFM Nasir beat Arpan Das, FM Amin beat Priyanka Nutakki of India, IM Shakil split point with IM Shyaammnikhil of India, FM Mahfuz lost to GM Thipsay Praveen of India.

FM Fahad lost to CM Mendonca Leon Luke of India, IM Minhaz lost to Subhayan Kundu of India, FM Pagar lost to Mahindrakar Indrajeet of India, CM Sharon drew with Suvradeepta Das of India, CM Sohel drew with Jain Nityata of India, CM Chanchal split point with Chandreyee Hajra of India, Jewel split point with Siddharth Sabharishankar of India, WIM Rani Hamid drew with Wairagade Khush of India, Mukaddes lost to Manish Anto Cristiano of India and Tahsin lost to Sonkalan Bharati of India.