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Iftar market sees huge crowd as Ramadan begins

DHAKA, May 18, 2018 (BSS) - At the outset of holy month of Ramadan, Iftar market wore a festive mood in every corner of the city as makeshift stall owners and street vendors are selling different delicious food items to customers.

City dwellers, who kept fasting, enthusiastically snapped up these traditional Iftar items on the first day of Ramadan with an extra fervor as it was also the day of Juma prayers.

"We are preparing various Iftar items. My restaurant sees a huge crowd to buy different Iftar items including Beguni (fried eggplant fritters), Piaju (onion lentil fritter), Alur Chop (potato fritters), kabab, mutton and chicken cutlet, kima roll, kima parata, matha and different sweat items," Gulshan Plaza Restaurant manager Abdul Mannan told BSS here today.

He expressed his optimism that the crowd will continue throughout the Ramadan and this year's business will be better than previous year.

Abdur Rahim, a street vendor of the Fakirapool area, said many people are crowding in his shop after Juma prayer. Like every year, he expected that the sale of iftar item will be good, he added.

Chawkbazar is the famous market for Iftar items in the capital city. The market bears more than 100-year-old tradition of being Dhaka's largest and most popular area of Iftar items.

It is famous for selling unique and traditional Iftar items like giant slices of beef, chicken roasts, marinated minced meat and mutton. The iftar item of the Chawkbazar bears the family tradition of old Dhaka dwellers.

Rafiqul slam, a customer, said he always buys iftar items from Chawkbazar. "Without Chawkbazar items, his family cannot get satisfaction in Iftar," he added.

Hundreds of Iftar sellers display a great variety of items, mostly prepared from beef, mutton and chicken.

The most distinctive and popular Iftar item is 'Boro Baper Polay Khay, a mixture of chickpeas, beef-mutton brains, minced-meat, potato, flattened rice, eggs, chicken, spices and butter.

The market is also well known for fried snacks.