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Delicious mangos to appear in Rajshahi markets

RAJSHAHI, May 17, 2018 (BSS) - Some indigenous varieties of mango including tasty Gopalbhog are going to appear in Rajshahi markets Monday on ending ban on harvesting of the seasonal delicious fruit.

Farmers, traders and others concerned are taking preparation to harvest the fruit. The popular summer fruit will be available in the local markets abundantly when all the varieties will appear in the markets.

Mango grower Mubarak Hossain of Charghat upazila told BSS that he expects a huge profit this year from his mango orchard.

A ban has been imposed on mango harvesting and marketing in the district till May 20 to give optimum time for natural ripening of the delicious seasonal fruit.

District administration has taken the decision after a fruitful discussion with farmers, traders and others concerned on May 9 last in order to prevent the artificially ripening of immature mango through mixing harmful chemicals.

Considering the time variation of ripening of different varieties of mango, the ban was imposed on harvesting Gopalbhog before May 20, Himsagar, Khirsapat and Lakhna before June 1, Langra before June 6, Amropaly and Fazli before June 16 and Ashwina before July 1.

Dev Dulal Dhali, Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture Extension, told BSS that most of the mangoes will become matured and ripen within the stipulated time and then those could be harvested normally.

He said the indigenous varieties of mangoes including Gopalbhog have started ripening. But the other delicious and famous varieties- Khirshapat and Langra need some more days to ripen. The mango growers and traders were kept in close observation and monitoring.

"Mangoes mixed with deadly chemicals such as carbide is extremely hazardous for human health. The chemical has a long-term affect on human body," Agriculturist Dhali said.

He said only 100 gram of calcium carbide can ripen nearly 100 kilogram of mangoes while the chemicals could cause deadly diseases like cancer, kidney and liver complications.

Meanwhile, the district administration is ensuring all requisite privileges and security to the farmers and the traders concerned.

Monitoring committee has been formed to oversee enforcement of the decision.

Deputy Commissioner Abdul Kader said formalin-mixed mango is harmful for the public health. So, in addition to the field-level strict surveillance, mango harvesting and marketing has been banned till May 20.

He said drastic action will be taken against those who will be found guilty of violating the ban. The truck-bus owners associations were also asked to refrain from mango loading, unloading and transporting during the restricted period.

Mango is the leading seasonal cash crop of the country's northwest region and dominates the economy in the two districts famous for the delicious fruit.

Kader added there are about 30 lakh mango trees of different ages and varieties on some 32,816 hectares in the region. Number of new mango orchards and mango farming in the homesteads increased in recent years. So, promotion of best practices in the harvesting and marketing is necessary.