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Doulotpur Jamdani Palli becomes alive before Eid

NARSINGDI, May 21, 2018 (BSS) - Doulotpur Jamdani Palli in Monohardi upazila of the district came to lively as Jamdani shari weavers are now passing very busy time with producing one of the finest muslin textiles before Eid-ul Fitr.

Generally, the demand of Jamdani shari is increased at different markets in the country before Eid. So this is the peak time for the weavers to earn a good amount of money which lead them massive engagement in waving Jamdani shari.

Rafiqul Islam of Doulotpur union, after getting training on weaving of Jamdani shari, opened a factory at his home in 1988. Now he is well-off man in the area.

Seeing Rafiqul, a number of people in the union started the same job and got benefit. At present, there are 50 Jamdani shari factories in Doalotpur union and over 200 people including weavers are working at those factories.

Local entrepreneur Abu Based said he has set up ten Jamdani Shari weaving factories, generating employment for many poor families. Before Eid, the weavers are working day and night for more earnings.

He said Jamdani factories also generate employment for local poor women of different villages who are now dreaming a better future for their children.

This BSS correspondent recently visited Doulotpur Jamdani Pally, finding that the weavers are passing busy time with making the finest textile.

Talking to BSS, the wavers said each shari on its quality and variety is fetched Taka 5000 to 20000 in capital and other district markets.